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This is the true story of Chewy the woodchuck, which began in 1957. A ground hog and the family terrier, Rusty, forged a contentiously playful relationship in a field near the home of Joan B. Vinal. She was inspired to develop the story in words and art to entertain all children. The book sat in the attic for forty years, when her son Peter S. Vinal reillustrated, reformatted, digitized, and published it for her before she passed. She cried when her son gave it to her.

  • Chewy The Woodchuck

    This was found in attic of well known author after many many years. based on a true story.


    No return policy on tyhe book. We found that people were buying other books reading to kids, kids were loving the storys, then books being returned after reading a few times. So we dont want to be in that position. Your kids will love the story. Plus there are 2 pages in the back of the book where your kids can start writting there own story.


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