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Break Dance Comedy Movie Film

Daddy Cant Dance Film

SKU: 364215376135191

This is an awesome film with the best break dancing. It has won 4 awards and was given the Dove award for a family film. Rated PG 1 hr 47 mins. The film is about a man pete weaver, that loses his Job and he finds out that someone got him fired by telling false information. So he sneaks back into work in different disguises to try to get his job back, very funny.  Meanwhile pete's dad dies and then he finds out that his only little girl needs a kidney transplant. So financially his back was against the wall but he hears about a dance competition with a $40,000 first place prize. So he calls old friends to get him back into shape to compete in the dance competition to save his daughters life. 

  • Break Dancing Film, Comedy, drama

    This film will take you on a fun, sad, uplifting journey. It is a great film to watch and a great film to give as a gift. So viewers said they have watched the film 6 or more times.


    A movie cannot be returned or refunded, do to unfortunately, people make copies and then return the film.

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    As soon as the funds are received by paypal, the company will ship the movie asap. Allow up to 8 business days for shipping especially at holiday season approaching. All tracted shipping. So order as soon as possible to make sure you get by Christmas.

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